September 19, 2007


SPONSORED VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Johnnie Liliedahl's "Victoria," Part Two

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Very nice and detailed demo. It is the best demo we have seen and quite helpful, too. Thank you, I am looking forward for the next part

I did not understand how this simplification could be achieved when drawing on a live model. Is there a demo of that as well in future.


I consider this one of the most instructional videos you've had yet. I hope that there will be another to take us further into the process. My wholehearted thanks. Johanne

Thank you for featuring such an informative and sharing artist. Her work is superb!

Repeated playing and careful note-taking have proven to advance my painting skills noticeably. A precise and generous instructional video. Sincere Thanks to American Artist and Johnnie Liliedahl!

Beautiful! she made it look so easy, which we all know it is not. I haven't painted in awhile, but now I will pull out my paints again!
Thank you for the inspiration,

Wonderfully informative and clear instruction. Thank You

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