October 15, 2007


SPONSORED VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Johnnie Liliedahl's "Victoria," Part Three

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Fantastic, I enjoy every minute of you video.
Thanks you are generous,

Thank you Johnnie. You are an incredibly gifted artist and teacher. I paint with the Putney Painters twice a month in Vermont. We often do portrait from life; your instruction will make my approach more structured.

Well, I'm going to order the entire video! Your statements and instruction are thorough and very helpful.
Lori Wooward Simons

Is the part one of this demo available ?

I cannot say how much these videos have helped and excited me. Johnnie has answered so many questions I've had throughout the years that I couldn't seem to find. Thank you. I cannot wait for the next installment of the series!

Thank you so very much for this demonstration! i going to look around for info on ordering the video!

you are a wonderful instructor.

Enjoyed your demonstration - fabulous artist and instructor. I would like to know if the videos are available on CD's as I live in a very humid area and videos have a habit of going mouldy.

Thank you so much for the demonstration. You are a great artist and instructor. Just watching a few minutes of your video helped me in my work. I look forward to seeing you again.

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