Acrylic 70th Anniversary Competition Winners

0712logo70_525x515 0712acrylic70oe1_600x496_2We present the semifinalists in the acrylic category.

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Mixed Media 70th Anniversary Competition Winners


0712mm70oe1_396x600_2We present the semifinalists in the mixed media category.

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Mark Karnes: Intimate Paintings and Drawings

Maryland artist Mark Karnes paints everyday scenes by sketching value studies in ink or watercolor then slowly painting in oil or acrylic without a detailed preparatory drawing.

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GALLERY: Marilynne Roland's Landscapes

0711rolaoe1_600x422_2When she first painted in watercolor 30 years ago, November 2007 American Artist featureGallerylogo artist Marilynne Roland thought her lack of art training would be a deficiency, but workshop leaders encouraged her to build on her understanding of design, her curiosity about materials, and her love of landscapes. Here, we offer more examples of her technique in this online exclusive gallery.

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CRITIQUE: "Reflecting at Sunset"

0708reflect_588x600Painting light accurately can be a challenge in landscape painting.

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CRITIQUE: "California Seascape"

0707california_600x422Pay attention to lights and darks when painting landscapes.

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Sgraffito and Redrawing

0706sgraff3_482x600_2Since acrylics were introduced in the 1950s, a wide variety of mediums and additives have been designed. Experimenting with these materials in conjunction with acrylics can often lead to new ways of working and produce a variety of effects that give a fresh look to your paintings.

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Acrylic Washes Over Drawings

0706ruth2_600x484My approach to figure drawing allows me to work quickly in establishing both the linear outlines of the model’s form and the tonal pattern of light and shadow. To create the tone, I lay in one transparent wash of acrylic paint, which functions as an intermediate flesh tone throughout the figure. A second opaque wash establishes the lighted side of the form. The finished drawings are complete works of art, but they can also become foundations for more developed oil or acrylic paintings.

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CRITIQUE: "Blue Violets of Provence"

0705blueviolets_600x574Careful consideration of color value and saturation are important in a unified composition.

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In Focus


0709youngdemo_460x600 In the 22 years since he was discovered by American Artist magazine, Stephen Scott Young has mounted several museum exhibitions, seen the prices of his paintings skyrocket, and been called a master of watercolor by scholars and critics. Take a peek into his studio and learn about his technique in this demonstration (5:03).

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