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Ask the Experts: Acrylic White on Watercolor

Q: Is there any problem with using acrylic white for highlights, snowflakes, etc. on a watercolor?

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Ask the Experts: Illustration board surfaces

Q: What is the difference between a plate and a vellum surface on illustration board?

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Ask the Experts: Acrylic pigments

Q: What is the difference between artist and student grade acrylics?

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Ask the Experts: Watercolor whites

Q: I don’t know which white to use in my watercolors. How do you choose the right white?

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Ask the Experts: Proper thickness for Masonite

Q: Should I use 1/4” or 1/8” Masonite for my oil paintings?

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Ask the Experts: Moldy gouache

Q: I stored my gouache paints in small plastic containers with covers, but they molded. What can I do to prevent this?

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Ask the Experts: Wrapped acrylics

Q: Can I tightly wrap acrylic paintings in heavy-gauge polyethylene wrap and store them?

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Ask the Experts: Velvety appearance

Q: Dark parts of my painting, in certain lighting, looks like velvet--they seem shiny in some areas, and matte in others. What happened?


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Ask the Experts: Pinholes in canvas weave

Q: I held my stretched, single-primed canvas up to the light and could see tiny pinholes allowing light to shine through. Is this normal? Should I use double-primed canvas?

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In Focus

John P. Smolko: 70th Anniversary Competition Grand Prize Winner

0712smol70oe1_600x598_20712logo70_525x515 John P. Smolko won the Grand Prize—a new MetroShed, furnished by Blick Art Materials, for use as a stand-alone studio—for his imaginative colored pencil piece, Homage to Klimt (The Virgin). Read more about the artist, and view five online exclusive drawings.

Read about the semifinalists in each category, and vote, by October 30, for the Readers' Choice competition winner on our message board, Artists' Forum.

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Colored Pencil
Mixed Media

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