Drawing 70th Anniversary Competition Winners


0712dr70oe1_457x600_2We present the semifinalists in the drawing category.

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Colored Pencil 70th Anniversary Competition Winners

0712logo70_525x515_20712cp70oe1_600x426_3We present the semifinalists in the colored pencil category.

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Printmaking 70th Anniversary Competition Winners


0712print70oe1_600x297_2We present the semifinalists in the printmaking category.

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Drawing BODIES Competition Opens

0710bodieslogo_191x87New York City area drawers are invited to draw from the specimens on display at “Bodies…The Exhibition,” at South Street Seaport, from 7 to 10 p.m. on Oct. 22, Nov. 7, Nov. 27, and Dec. 6 in conjunction with a new art competition.

Entry deadline: January 15, 2008.

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Drawing Logic: Getting Depth Into Your Drawings

0707depth2_502x600_2Here are some ways to give depth to your drawings.

Have more questions about how to get depth into your paintings? Ask your fellow artists on our message board, Artists' Forum.

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Mark Karnes: Intimate Paintings and Drawings

Maryland artist Mark Karnes paints everyday scenes by sketching value studies in ink or watercolor then slowly painting in oil or acrylic without a detailed preparatory drawing.

Discuss Karnes' work on our message board, Artists' Forum.

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EXHIBITION: Drawing Connections: Baselitz, Kelly, Penone, Rockburne, and the Old Masters

0710connectexhib5_557x750 This exhibition features work by four renowned contemporary artists and selected pieces created by the Old Masters, chosen specifically to compare and contrast the historical with the modern.

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Sgraffito and Redrawing

0706sgraff3_482x600_2Since acrylics were introduced in the 1950s, a wide variety of mediums and additives have been designed. Experimenting with these materials in conjunction with acrylics can often lead to new ways of working and produce a variety of effects that give a fresh look to your paintings.

Discuss sgraffito and other interesting techniques on our message board, Artists' Forum.

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Drawtop927_3SIGN UP for the new Drawing newsletter, and receive drawing tips and online exclusive content that can only be found at aaDrawing.com.

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In Focus

John P. Smolko: 70th Anniversary Competition Grand Prize Winner

0712smol70oe1_600x598_20712logo70_525x515 John P. Smolko won the Grand Prize—a new MetroShed, furnished by Blick Art Materials, for use as a stand-alone studio—for his imaginative colored pencil piece, Homage to Klimt (The Virgin). Read more about the artist, and view five online exclusive drawings.

Read about the semifinalists in each category, and vote, by October 30, for the Readers' Choice competition winner on our message board, Artists' Forum.

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Colored Pencil
Mixed Media

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