Learning From the Masters

Whistler's Mark

0707whis1_600x398This expatriate American turned away from realism to create an art of stylish and ethereal beauty, ably represented in his drawings.

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Rembrandt's Shorthand Drawing Style

0706remb8_600x445_2The greatest of Dutch masters used a rapid, abbreviated technique in drawing to record visual impressions from the world around him and his own cornucopian imagination, foreshadowing developments in modern art more than two centuries later.

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Master Landscape Drawings: Evidence & Interpretation

0706landscape1_600x441_3Many great landscape drawings were created as preparatory studies, educational exercises, or informational journals and not as finished works of art. We can now study those freely made graphic images for evidence of the artists’ ideas and procedures.    

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"The Erotic Frigidaire": The Academies of Pierre-Paul Prud'hon

0704prud9_386x600_2Prud’hon drew from the figure throughout his career, and now those “académies” anchor his reputation. How did he draw such stunning figure studies?

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John Ruskin and His Influence on American Art

0706rusk7_600x_2During the second half of the 19th century a single writer held enormous sway over the hearts and minds of American artists, critics, and their public.

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GALLERY: More of Adam Elsheimer's Rich and Magical Story Telling

0705elshoe3_425x600_2To supplement the article in the May 2007 issue of American Artist, we present more of German painter AdamGallerylogo_3 Elsheimer's rich oils, which combined the Northern representational tradition with the rich color and light of Venetian painting to make a unique kind of narrative painting.

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Ingres in His Own Words

0701ingr1_478x600_2Some of  Ingres' most prized advice about the art of drawing.

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Ingres’ Materials

0704ingrtease1_x600In the winter 2007 issue of Drawing magazine, we explored how Ingres taught us much about contours and portraiture. Here, we offer an excerpt from the feature about how the artist's use of graphite on smooth white paper was ahead of his time.

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Rubens' Drawings: The Marks of a Prolific Master

0703rube1_456x600_1Juggling dozens of commissions at once, Peter Paul Rubens and his staff created hundreds of dynamic drawings and oil sketches.

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In Focus

John P. Smolko: 70th Anniversary Competition Grand Prize Winner

0712smol70oe1_600x598_20712logo70_525x515 John P. Smolko won the Grand Prize—a new MetroShed, furnished by Blick Art Materials, for use as a stand-alone studio—for his imaginative colored pencil piece, Homage to Klimt (The Virgin). Read more about the artist, and view five online exclusive drawings.

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Colored Pencil
Mixed Media

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