Technical Q&A

Technical Q&A: Protecting a Mural, Cleaning Old Oil Paintings, and Preventing Toxic Contamination

I am doing a trompe l’oeil mural that will be displayed in an area where children can touch it. Do you have any recommendations for the types of paint and protective coatings I should use? I am concerned with both durability and green issues.

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Working With Canvas, Surfaces for Casein, and Priming Linen

I usually use canvas for my oil paintings, but lately I’ve been interested in using board instead. What type should I use?

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The History of Canvas, Shipping Paintings, and Trouble With Adding Paint

Do you have any information on the history of canvas, particularly how it was first made and when it became commercially available?

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Repairing a Tear, Manipulating Water-Soluble Oils, Drying Time of Alkyds, Smoothing Out a Surface

One of my finished oil paintings has a tear on the canvas. What is the best way to repair it? Would I glue a piece of canvas to the back? What kind of glue should I use?

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Technical Q&A: Studio Set Up, Rabbit-Skin Glue, and Alternatives to Aluminum Paint

Setting Up a Studio
I’m in the process of setting up an art studio in a barn in my backyard and need some advice on planning. Any ideas?

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Technical Q&A: Protecting Prints, Travling With Art Supplies, and Starting an Art School

Q: I am a printmaker who recently created a large work consisting of eight prints, which I mounted onto separate canvases primed with soft-ground acrylic. Can I use an acrylic medium or varnish to protect the prints if they contain oil-based printing ink?

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Technical Q&A: Safe Indoor Painting and Color Theory

Q: I’ve noticed that many indoor art classes don’t allow oil paint in the studio and suggest acrylic or water-soluble oil as alternatives. Why is this?

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Technical Q&A: Online Images, Copyright Information, and Commissions

Q: I have been contacted by a woman willing to buy the rights to download, photograph, and enlarge an image of a painting I have on the internet. She says it is only for private, one-time use. Can I charge for the rights to do this?

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Technical Q&A: Transferring a Drawing Onto Canvas, Archiving Works on Paper, and Opening Old Oil Tubes

Q: What is the quickest, simplest way to transfer a small drawing onto a larger canvas?

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In Focus

John P. Smolko: 70th Anniversary Competition Grand Prize Winner

0712smol70oe1_600x598_20712logo70_525x515 John P. Smolko won the Grand Prize—a new MetroShed, furnished by Blick Art Materials, for use as a stand-alone studio—for his imaginative colored pencil piece, Homage to Klimt (The Virgin). Read more about the artist, and view five online exclusive drawings.

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Colored Pencil
Mixed Media

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