SPONSORED CONTENT: Cheap Joes's Classroom-Making a Color Value Chart

0710cj6_175x150This video demonstrates how to make a color value chart.

Cheap Joe's Lesson 6: Value Study

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Watercolor 70th Anniversary Competition Winners


0712wc70oe1_354x600_2We present the semifinalists in the watercolor category.

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DEMONSTRATION: Jane Paul Angelhart's "Ethan"

0710angedemo_413x600Having completed over 400 watercolor portraits of children, fall 2007 Watercolor feature artist Jane Paul Angelhart explains her techniques in Ethan (1:39).

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Read the feature article on Angelhart.

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Mark Karnes: Intimate Paintings and Drawings

Maryland artist Mark Karnes paints everyday scenes by sketching value studies in ink or watercolor then slowly painting in oil or acrylic without a detailed preparatory drawing.

Discuss Karnes' work on our message board, Artists' Forum.

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GALLERY: Marilynne Roland's Landscapes

0711rolaoe1_600x422_2When she first painted in watercolor 30 years ago, November 2007 American Artist featureGallerylogo artist Marilynne Roland thought her lack of art training would be a deficiency, but workshop leaders encouraged her to build on her understanding of design, her curiosity about materials, and her love of landscapes. Here, we offer more examples of her technique in this online exclusive gallery.

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DEMONSTRATION: Terry Genesen-Becker's "La Primavera Falso"

0709genesendemo_450x600 Watch a demonstration by fall 2007 Watercolor feature artist Terry Genesen-Becker as she paints unusual subject matter in La Primavera Falso (2:42).

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Gary Akers: Drawing in Watercolor From Start to Finish

0708aker1_600x398_2Drawing is critical to Gary Akers’ creative process, helping him to know the subject, decide the value structure and composition, and define the focal point.

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0709youngdemo_460x600 In the 22 years since he was discovered by American Artist magazine, Stephen Scott Young has mounted several museum exhibitions, seen the prices of his paintings skyrocket, and been called a master of watercolor by scholars and critics. Take a peek into his studio and learn about his technique in this demonstration (5:03).

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SPONSORED VIDEO CONTENT: Tom Lynch's Secrets of Painting on Watercolor Canvas

0708lynch_600x446_2View an excerpt from Tom Lynch's "Secrets of Painting on Watercolor Canvas" where he shares his watercolor tips and techniques.

To learn more techniques from Lynch, sign up for his workshop at Hartford Fine Art, or call 860-528-1409 x105 for more details.
Wednesday, October 17: demonstration
Thursday, October 18 and Friday, October 19: workshop

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More From Watercolor

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Stay tuned for more instructional, multimedia content from aaWatercolor.com.

In Focus

John P. Smolko: 70th Anniversary Competition Grand Prize Winner

0712smol70oe1_600x598_20712logo70_525x515 John P. Smolko won the Grand Prize—a new MetroShed, furnished by Blick Art Materials, for use as a stand-alone studio—for his imaginative colored pencil piece, Homage to Klimt (The Virgin). Read more about the artist, and view five online exclusive drawings.

Read about the semifinalists in each category, and vote, by October 30, for the Readers' Choice competition winner on our message board, Artists' Forum.

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Colored Pencil
Mixed Media

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