Janice Yow Hindes: More Workshop Student Critiques

0708hindoe3_600x443_2View more student critiques by fall 2007 Workshop feature article Janice Yow Hindes.

Read more critiques, and your work for critique by American Artist.

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DEMONSTRATION: Johnnie Liliedahl's "Lady in White"

0708liliedemo4_476x600 In the fall 2007 issue of Watercolor, Johnnie Liliedahl discussed Old Master approaches that help her students understand the basics of oil painting. Here, we present a demonstration for her painting Lady in White.

Read the Workshop article focusing on Liliedahl's technique. 

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Jeremy Lipking: Careful Observation, Conscientious Rendering

0708lipk1_600x400_2Artists from around the country flock to Jeremy Lipking’s workshops to learn the secret of the young painter’s success. As he proved in a recent figurative workshop in California, however, the only secret he’s harboring is a mastery of the fundamentals.

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Larry Moore: Developing a Critical Eye

0708moor13_480x600_2Once artists understand the basic technical issues related to painting, they need to ask themselves a series of questions about their intentions and progress. Florida artist Larry Moore recently conducted a workshop on how to develop the ability to identify and resolve problems.

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Johnnie Liliedahl: Using the Old Master Grisaille Method to Manage Values and Opacity

0708lili8_482x600_3Among the many techniques Johnnie Liliedahl teaches in workshops and on DVDs are several Old Master approaches that help students understand the basics of oil painting. Her class on the grisaille method is particularly helpful in understanding how to develop an effective composition of values and how to handle paint quality.

Be sure to check out the first installment of Liliedahl’s video demonstration “Painting Portraits in Oils From Photographs: Victoria,” which will be live on September 12.

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In Focus

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Plein Air Painting With John A. Parks, Part Three


View the final installment of artist-instructor John A. Park's plein air demonstration (24:02).

View parts one and two of the video.

If you enjoyed watching Parks, check out other art-instruction demonstrations and videos.

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